Forschen, planen, bauen, begreifen

Mit Lernwerkstattarbeit Interesse an Mathematik fördern

  • Daniela Longhino
  • Daniela Gangl
Schlagworte: Scope calculation, learning workshop work, interest development, motivation promotion


This article examines whether learning workshop work at the primary level can
contribute to the promotion of motivation and interest in the subject of mathematics.
Learning workshop work is defined for the primary level and aligned with mathematics
didactics. Based on subject didactic concepts as well as theories of interest
development and the promotion of motivation, the article presents a practical example
of learning workshop work in a third grade mathematics classroom. The article
describes learning workshop work on the topic of calculating circumferences and
reflects on it with regard to the development of interest and the promotion of
motivation. Finally, the conclusions on the learning workshop work in the subject
mathematics in the primary level are presented.