Design von Trainings in Lernfabriken und Makerspaces für KMUs in der digitalen Transformation

  • Maria Hulla
  • Patrick Herstätter
  • Harald Burgsteiner
  • Daniela Moser
  • Christian Ramsauer
Schlagworte: Learning factories, Makerspaces, Digitalization, digital Transformation


Manufacturing companies are currently facing challenges such as increasing
volatility, shorter innovation cycles and the consequences of Covid-19. Digitalization
offers opportunities to turn these challenges into opportunities. Small and mediumsized enterprises in particular have problems exploiting the potential of digital
transformation. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of qualifications and skills
on the part of the workforce. Learning factories and makerspaces offer effective
hands-on learning environments to provide students, apprentices and workers with
the competencies needed along the value chain in digitalization. In a literature review,
no process model was found on how to design makerspaces as learning
environments and the associated trainings, whereas learning factories already have
approaches for this. The aim of this paper is to design a process model for the
development of trainings for SMEs in digital transformation in learning factories and