Klimawandel – Ausbildung für den Theorie-Praxis-Transfer im Sachunterricht

  • Nora Luschin-Ebengreuth Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark
  • Eva Freytag Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark
Schlagworte: Science education; climate change education; teacher professional development; primary level


This article deals with the possibilities for the implementation of climate change education in primary schools. The children's cognitive abilities allow the implementation of scientifically based science education. It is shown that teachers at the primary level have a need to catch up in terms of scientific specialisation and pedagogical content knowledge related to climate change. Limited knowledge of the scientific concepts underlying climate change leads to the neglection of climate change education in the classrooms. One possibility to integrate climate change into the classroom lies in the increased scientific foundation of the professionalization of teachers at the primary level. The training at the Pedagogical University of Styria enables future teachers to design lessons that gives primary school children the opportunity to deal with climate change in an evidence-based and reflexive manner. The advanced examination of scientific and didactic aspects of climate change in the specialization ‘Entdeckungsreise Natur und Technik’ shows a possibility for the theory-practice transfer of climate change education.

Bewusstseinsbildung im Kontext von Klimawandel