Zwischen Sonnenscheibe und Babypuder. Künstlerische Annäherungen an religiöse Literatur

Linda Wolfsgruber im Gespräch mit Heidi Lexe (Podcast)


  • Linda Wolfsgruber
  • Heidi Lexe


Religion, Kunst, Illustration, Diversität, Bilderbuch



Linda Wolfsgruber has illustrated various religious texts in her extensive body of work, including stories from the life of Jesus, an Islamic hadith, the Old Testament story of Noah’s Ark and a picture book about the miraculous events of Christmas. To what extent are such illustrations to be read and appreciated as interpretations of the text? And how does Linda Wolfsgruber approach historical material in this context? In a discussion with Heidi Lexe, director of the STUBE – Study and Advisory Centre for Children’s and Youth Literature, the special variants of the relationship between form and content will be discussed through which religious text statements are accentuated and retold. The different sources of inspiration, techniques and materials used by Linda Wolfsgruber will be presented and the diversity of thematic and aesthetic approaches will be examined together with the illustrator.