Drei Räuberinnen und ein verliebter Koch

Verena Hochleitner im Gespräch mit Brigitte Kovacs (Podcast)


  • Verena Hochleitner
  • Brigitte Kovacs


Diversität, Bilderbuch, Gestaltung, Darstellung


Podcast: https://radioigel.at/verena-hochleitner/

In Verena Hochleitner’s picture books, diversity is actively embodied. For instance, Hochleitner portrays diversity by showcasing various dog breeds in ‘Hunde Salon’ or multifold (romantic) relationships in her multi-award-winning book ‘Der verliebte Koch’. Her representations include questions of equality, emancipation and female empowerment (‘Die drei Räuberinnnen’). Significant themes such as foster parenthood are addressed in Hochleitner’s books; ‘Jakob & das Rote Buch’ (text by Franz-Joseph Huainigg) for example explores the question of what constitutes a family. With strong colors and illustrations that appeal to readers of all ages, different realities and alternative lifestyles are juxtaposed naturally even while they invite discussion.