Offen für Vielfalt – Darstellung und Wahrnehmung von Diversität im textfreien Bilderbuch


  • Marlene Zöhrer PH Steiermark


Textfreies Bilderbuch, Diversität, Offenheit, Literarisches Lernen, Bilderbuch, Sehen


In wordless picturebooks (silent books), diversity is evident at first glance, particularly where distinctions are made based on external attributes such as age, gender, ‘race’ or physical ability. Visual narrative can further enhance the scope and nuances of diversity by encouraging viewers to seek new perspectives and to recognize subtle differences that may not be immediately apparent. In this way, visual storytelling not only reflects diversity but also enhances its meaning. The article outlines a perspective on the impact of picturebook reception on literary education. It examines the visual representation of diversity and the openness inherent in wordless picture books.