Meine Bilder erzählen Geschichten

Julie Völk im Gespräch mit Sabine Fuchs (Podcast)


  • Julie Völk
  • Sabine Fuchs


Illustration, Bilderbuch, textfreies Bilderbuch, Gestaltung



Julie Völk’s fine drawings, combined with the diverse range of texts she illustrates – from fairy tales to narratives – provide plenty of room for interpretation and imagination. Nonetheless, the artist is also adept at narrating stories through visuals, as is evident from her wordless picture books. The conversation with Sabine Fuchs – professor at PH Steiermark – focuses specifically on Völk’s storytelling abilities without verbal text. Julie Völk provides an insight into her artistic and creative approaches as well as her perspective on visual storytelling. What is the process of creating picture narratives, which elements serve as connectors and drive the plot forward? How can actions and characters be highlighted, and the realities of life be represented? The image details and compositions that display diversity are given particular attention.