Wollen oder folgen – das Kuddelmuddel zwischen Kopf, Hand und Werkzeug

Ein Praxisbericht

  • Renate Habinger
Schlagworte: Illustration, Bilderbuch, Diversität, Gestaltung, Sehen, Kunst


When working on a picturebook for children, there are a lot of questions that arise: with the role of the parents, gender issues, with the aesthetics, the question of one’s own vision, with the themes, all the questions of diversity, with the implementation as an image, the question of everyday life and time, with the creation of atmosphere, the question of technique, and so on and so forth. All these questions involve illustrators in a back and forth between head, hand and tool. The article deals with questions of perception and representation, of willingness and ability, and provides insights into the everyday work of illustrators, which is always characterised by the interplay of possibilities and impossibilities of diverse representation.