Vielfalt (im) Bilderbuch – Perspektiven, Gegenstände und Diskurse

  • Manuela Kalbermatten
  • Marlene Zöhrer
Schlagworte: Diversität, Vielfalt, Bilderbuch, visuelles Erzählen, grafisches Erzählen


The topic of what is being portrayed is discussed within socio-political discourses, as well as within the context of repeated and enjoyable engagement with picturebooks. The relationships between picture and written text, as well as between content and form, enable the creation of exceptional aesthetic possibilities, not only to reinforce social norms and relations, but also to critically debate and creatively expand them. In this regard, it is evident that the focus of current picturebook creation is increasingly shifting towards the representation of social diversity and the depiction of various identities and relationships. Therefore, this conference volume concentrates on the aesthetic potential of picture books to create initial images of a world characterised by the diversity of living conditions, models, forms of relationships, and desires. The significance of identity and difference categories, such as gender, desire, class, eth­nicity, or religion in the picturebook, is of interest here. Also, the artistic-narrative tech­niques used to depict diversity are of importance. This volume aims to examine the narrative and symbolic worlds, as well as the aesthetic and compositional strategies employed in current picture book creation, from a subject-specific, didactic, and artis­tic perspective regarding the representation of diversity.